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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai National park overnight trek to Khao Laem mountain (11 - 14 August 2006)

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A view from Khao Laem mountain
A view from Khao Laem mountain to the north - toward the villages in Pak Chong district. At first we thought we were close to the peak, but we found ahead of us a higher mountain to climb. So we went ahead, going down a bit and hiking up the mountain head.

A view from Khao Laem mountain
Another view from the hills. Such views were very nice and made us feel refreshing. Everytime we got a view of outside world below us, everytime we saw we were just under the top tree line we felt we were closing in.

A view from Khao Laem mountain
Yet we were still nowhere near the peak. This was another view from the thickness of the forest. We were walking on a mountain ridge with both our left and right sides sloping down to the valleys below. We cut the plants with thorns, to make space to walk. GPS was not working in the thick jungle.

View of Khao Ron and Khao Kaeo - from Khao Laem
This place really made us like we were there. Here we saw Khao Ron and Khao Kaeo, first and third highest in Khao Yai national park. However there was thick forest ahead at higher elevation. No more animal track was there but the wall of plants and trees many of which bore thorns.

Way to Khao Laem peak
A forbidding place. If we went ahead we could fall down the slope to the no-man land below. We had no other choice than climbing the steep slope. We remembered our ropes left below on the trail. Somehow we managed to climb to the upper part to find rock formations.

Checking location and elevation using gps and maps
Consulting with GPS and maps to find our location and elevation. We were now in the open space in the middle of rocks and thin forest. Some scrambling over and between the rocks took us to a place where we found the peak - a rock formation with vegetation and little plants. There was a hollow vertical shaft between the rocks which we used to take us to the peak.

At last at the Khao Laem peak
Finally Khao Laem mountain was under our feet. In the distance you could see twin peaks of Khao Ron (1351 meters), and Khao Kaeo (1287 meters). We were on the second highest in Khao Yai park (1326 meters). The summit is of thin soil covered with grass and small trees. Underneath us might be caves which were said to be used by anti-government organization 25 to 30 years ago. In the middle-right of the picture is Khao Laem grassland where we started our trek.

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