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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai National park overnight trek to Khao Laem mountain (11 - 14 August 2006)

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Cooking in the jungle
Cooking in the junglre. We cooked rice in a pot, boiled water and later made a soup in another pot, and baked some fish. Later in the night it rained and we had to make a cover over the bonfire. In the rainy season it is likely you don't find a dry place near the water source to camp. So if possible bring a ground sheet in addition to a roof sheet. We dried our clothes over the bonfire.

Early morning scene of our camp
Early morning scene of our camp. Mid-night rain that stopped just before sunrise wetted the ground and killed the bonfire. We built the fire again and dried our wet clothes. Breakfast was hot drink, toast with vegetable, and fruits.

Walking up Khao Laem slope
We continued our second day jungle walk following the muddy trail strewn with animal foot prints. We were steadily gaining elevation. Several times we went up and down to small mountain brook and up we walked again.

Mushrooms on a dead tree
Mushrooms on a dead log.

Animal salt lick
We walked pass an animal salt lick where wildlife come to eat minerals.

Plants eating plants
Who is eating who? Some plants grow on other plants and eat their food and finally the later dies. Such is a process of nature. After hiking up to an elavation close to 1100 meters above the sea level we found a place to leave our heavy bags. Then we started to find the peak of Khao Laem bringing only drinking water, limes, some snack food, knife, gps, magnetic compass, and maps.

Pink mountain flower
A pink wild flower near the first peak. Along the way we found two places which, upon arrival, we thought were peaks but actually not. There were both animal and human trails below the first peak; beyond that we occasionally found animal foot prints only. Several times we saw groups of horn bills in the trees during our walk to and from Khao Laem peak. As soon as they found us they took to the sky leaving behind slow deep and heavy wing-flapping sound.

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