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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai National park overnight trek to Khao Laem mountain (11 - 14 August 2006)

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According to the park's officials the 1326 meters high Khao Laem mountain has not been climbed for several years. The second highest peak in Khao Yai national park has been known to have cave(s) and served as a hideout for former anti-government movement 25 to 30 years ago.

After forcefully cutting the Friday works in the middle we set out to the New Morchit bus terminal just to melt into the overflowing crowd. More than one hour waiting followed, and we got into the bus and secured a place to sit in the luggage compartment. Yes, in the cargo room underneath the pasengers' cabin, without a window to see where we were. It was after all begining of a long weekend holiday.

In the luggage compartment of the bus
Well, not many people would have this chance to be in a bus's luggage or cargo compartment for a four hour drive. We were there on our way from Bangkok to Pak Chong - a town to the north of Khao Yai national park. A ventilator kept the room habitable. After Rangsit more people and bags were shovelled in and there were finally altogether 14 or 15 passengers.

Rim Tarn Inn, guest room bath  Rim Tarn Inn, guest bed room  Rim Tarn Inn, Pak Chong
Rim Tarn Inn is located 1 km before Pak Chong - if you come from Bangkok. One single room costed 500 Baht per night. It was not bad. Besides, the blue color pick up truck from Pak Chong that goes to Khao Yai national park's northern gate passes by the hotel.

On the trail from Haew Suwat waterfall to Khao Laem grassland ranger station
A spot on the trail from Haew Suwat waterfall to Khao Laem grassland ranger station. This 4 km trail was guarded by (some) leeches. Trekking in the wet seasons ones should wear leech socks.

Forest ground - mushrooms  Jungle floor - mushrooms
The jungle floor covered with dead wood, leaves, etc. and mushrooms. Mushrooms grow on logs, in the soil, and even on elephant dung. Forest trekking can make you appreciate something about nature and expand your imagination in the way you have never thought about.

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