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Thailand Photos: Umphang, raft and walk to Tee Lor Su (Thi Lor Su) fall, trek along Klotho stream, Pueng Klueng Karen village, Tit Tulorsu fall on Thai-Myanmar border (07 - 11 July 2006)

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Making a Bamboo bridge
The begining of the trail from Kui Lok Tor Karen village to Doi San Min hills was through the farms of rice, corn and ground nut. Since it was rainy season everywhere was wet, watery, and muddy. We walked through water and cattle track. Then we started going up the slope through thick forest, cutting the way to walk. At a white water stream we had to build a bamboo bridge to cross.

Walking up the eastern face of Doi Sanmin
Walking up the eastern face of Doi Sanmin. It was raining constantly, though not heavy. Then we came to a mountain ridge with slopes on both sides to the valleys below. There were betal nut trees, bamboo, and many types of plants there.

Tit Tulor Su waterfalls
Tit Tu streams falling down the steep slope of peaks of Doi Sanmin hills (highest peak is 1700 meters). At some points streams converged and large water bodies were formed. All these spectacular events are called Tit Tulorsu (Tit Tu Lor Su) waterfall. It might be qualified for one of the highest waterfalls of Thailand.

Tit Tulorsu waterfall
Another view of the waterfall. The fall is beautiful in the rainy season when it is full of water. Due to steep slope they have to travel the streams dry up quite quickly after the rainy season.

A white water on a section of Tit Tu stream
Tit Tu stream is full of white waters along the way from the watershed border mountains to Mae Chan river it drains into near the road 1288.

Grounddnut plants
Ground nut plants with nuts at the roots.

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