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Thailand Photos: Umphang, raft and walk to Tee Lor Su (Thi Lor Su) fall, trek along Klotho stream, Pueng Klueng Karen village, Tit Tulorsu fall on Thai-Myanmar border (07 - 11 July 2006)

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A pick up truck: Umphang - Pueng Klueng road no 1288
A pick up truck running between Umphang town and Pueng Klueng Karen village on the road 1288. The same type of cars run between Umphang and Mae Sot. We took a truck to Pueng Klueng Karen village at the end of the road and at the border with Karen state in Myanmar (Burma).

The House of the Pueng Klueng village head
At Pueng Klueng we stayed at the house of the head of the village. Traditionally hilltribe people (Karen, Lisu, Pa-O, Pa-Laung, etc.) walk the forest trails from village to village. Along the paths they pass by other villages. When the night falls they would ask permission at a house at a village they arrive. In these circumstances it is a custom for hilltribe people to allow even a stranger to overnight and eat at their house.

A wat or monastery in Pueng Klueng village
Here we came at the difference between Thai word "Wat" or "Temple" and "Monastery". Pueng Klueng village sits on the border and thus it is influenced by the culture of Karen people (of Myanmar) - even though there are many Thai people (non-Karen) living there. In this village it is more of a Monastery than a Wat. The Monastery has buildings (wooden or brick) in which Buddha images or other objects of worship are kept along with other things such as books and records for Buddhist study and so on. The monks (and nuns if any) stay at the Monastery in their respective living quarters also inside the compound. They may or may not have a stand-alone Zedi (a pyramid-like structure with mostly circular base).

Cutting a tree on the road
On the next day when we left Pueng Klueng in the morning in a truck we were met by a fallen tree lying on the road. The earliest trucks came back to the village and informed the other trucks. Then they looked for knifes and axes and went back to the road. It took more than one hour to cut and clear a space enough for a truck.

Passing throught the cut log on the road
A truck squeezing pass the cut log on the road.

Begining of the trail to Doi San Min mountain - Kui Lok Tor village
Half an hour later we got to Kui Lok Tor village where we waited for a villager to send us to a waterfall in Doi San Min mountains close to the border. The begining of the trail was walking on muddy wet track through the farms.

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