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Thailand Photos: Umphang, raft and walk to Tee Lor Su (Thi Lor Su) fall, trek along Klotho stream, Pueng Klueng Karen village, Tit Tulorsu fall on Thai-Myanmar border (07 - 11 July 2006)

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Walk pass vegetation
We walked pass the vegetation. The more we advanced along the trail the bags and gear we were carrying became heavier. Everything was soaked with water. Packing is very important for this type of trek. We had to put clothes and other stuff in plastic bags, and put all of them into yet another larger plastic bag inside the back pack. It is also necessary to know and carry only the essential items.

A cave
A limestone cave about at the middle of the trail. Local people used it as a rest place to smoke and eat. On Klotho river we also saw small Bamboo rafts used by Kayin people to ride and catch fish.

A trail on the edge of water
A trail on the edge of water. We encountered other smaller streams feeding Klotho river. The walking trail could change when a new season comes. Another more comfortable dry season trail might be hidden under the water in the rainy season.

Crossing a river on a log
We had to cross a stream. Fortunately we found a tree trunk lying across the stream.

Arriving village fields
In the afternoon we arrived into the open area of farm lands. It was a delightful moment when we emerged into the openness of the sky and the green land telling us that it was now not very far from a village.

A farmer aat his field
A Karen (Kayin) farmer working on a farm.

A small Karen village
And his village of few houses. It was not even a village, but just a collection of some houses. Their houses were made of locally available natural materials such as timber and wood. They lived the very simple life. It could become a permanent village if the conditions become favorable.

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