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Thailand Photos: Umphang, raft and walk to Tee Lor Su (Thi Lor Su) fall, trek along Klotho stream, Pueng Klueng Karen village, Tit Tulorsu fall on Thai-Myanmar border (07 - 11 July 2006)

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Thi Lor Su waterfall in July
Thi Lor Su (Tee Lor Su) waterfall in July
On the third day morning, after the breakfast, we walked 1.5 km on the semi-finished concrete walkway to Thi Lor Su waterfall. The fall was in its full force of water, and vapours were everywhere in the surrounding air making taking photos difficult. It was impossible to climb the waterfall. However, for us, it was OK since we had a plan to go other way to reach the top of the waterfall. We spent just about 15 minutes at the waterfall and off to trek into the jungle.

Thi Lor Su waterfall is part of Klotho stream that dropped elevation when passing over a cliff. At its full force the size could be about 300 meters wide and 170 to 180 meters in height.

Thi Lor Su waterfall in July
Our small team with the Karen villagers we walked together with. These Karen villagers were ones of the best guides we have ever had in our treks in Thailand. These people could speak three different languages; and they never went to school to learn a foreign language like we do in the cities. The people of mountain villages have high level of forest survival skill using available materials from the nature.

Walk up Thi Lor Su hill
We walked up the hills that hold Thi Lor Su waterfall from the other side. It was a bit steep hike but not that bad. It was just wet, rainy and ofcourse muddy and slippery at some places. Bamboo were everywhere.

Top of Thi Lor Su waterfall
This is part of the top of Thi Lor Su waterfall - Klotho river. It was not possible to shoot a good picture in the rain. After reaching the top we had to walk along Klotho stream passing stones and rocks. At some places we trekked in the forest and eventually came back to the stream.

Klotho stream
A part of Klotho stream along which we walked. It is roughly 9 to 10 km from Thi Lor Su waterfall to the road along the river. In the dry season it could be finished in 4 to 6 hours. For the local Karen people living there it is half day walk. For example, a Kayin people working in Thi Lor Su camp could leave the camp after breakfast and get to his village for lunch.

Underground water
Umphang area is full of limestone caves and cliffs, waterfalls, rivers that disappear into the ground, underground water and tunnals amids the forest of hard and soft timber and bamboo. Here we saw underground water surfacing at a spot along our trail.

Bamboo forest
Bamboo forest. Bamboo is useful from bottom to top - if you know how to use. People of this area need just a good knife to make bamboo into many useful things. We stopped at a place, made a temporary roof and managed to build fire using thin pieces of bamboo and unwanted plastic pieces as fuel. We had our lunch in Bamboo cups.

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