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Thailand Photos: Umphang, raft and walk to Tee Lor Su (Thi Lor Su) fall, trek along Klotho stream, Pueng Klueng Karen village, Tit Tulorsu fall on Thai-Myanmar border (07 - 11 July 2006)

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Well, we did again another rush and rain soaked walk in Umphang forest. This time we went to find two jungle trails - one from Thi Lor Su waterfall to the road 1288, and the other from the road 1288 to Tit Tulorsu waterfall on watershed mountain range on Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border.

Bangkok - Mae Sot VIP double decker bus at Morchit terminal
Double decker vip air-con bus at Morchit terminal. The bus has a toilet, water boiler and paper cups, on the lower deck. On the 610 Baht per person trip passengers are provided drinking water, snack; and a bowl of boiled rice at a restaurant in the middle of the journey - at about 1 a.m. The trip takes approximately 8 hours.

A Burmese/Karen worker works for 80 Baht a day, on Mae Sot - Umphang road
A Myanmar (Burmese - Karen/Kayin) worker working at a shop on the road Mae Sot to Umphang. For that day he expected to receive 80 Baht for his 12+ hour-labour. These jobs are seasonal, and most of these migrant workers never have a stable works even if they accept 80 Baht or less wage per day for hard jobs. We saw four or five of these people in our truck but they had to get off before a check point to walk down the mountain and climb to the other side that they said would take one full day - to go to a place to find jobs nobody wanted. When they get arrested (for not having proper paper) they have to pay 3000 Baht a person.

A rainy season scene: Mae Sot - Umphang road
A rainy season scene from Mae Sot - Umphang road no. 1090. The road cuts through beautiful mountains, and makes more than 1200 turns during the 160+ km trip to Umphang town. The mountains, rivers, forest, trees, are all beautiful; but - - .

Inflatable rubber boats - Mae Klong river - Umphang
At noon on the second day we were in Umphang. We had our tents, sleeping bags, food, other gear, and were ready for a white water rafting on Mae Klong river. Mae Klong was fat with plenty of water in the middle of the rainy season, but not dangerous and there were not many white waters between Umphang and Tha Sai camp.

ThiLor Jor waterfall
Thi Lor Jor waterfall that provides water to Mae Klong river. If you pass this fall in the middle of morning you could see rainbow colors through its waters.

Water flowing into Mae Klong from the banks
In fact, on both river banks there were water falling into the river at many places. The jungle and its plants were all wet and green amids water vapors floating and hanging in the mid-air like a thin cloud.

Walk on the muddy road from Tha Sai to Thi Lor Su camp
After three hours of rafting we arrived at a place called Tha Sai where people could camp in the shelter of an inclining rock face. For us, the always-rush-people, there was no time to stop. So we went ahead walking on the dirt forest road to Thi Lor Su camp site. When we got there at sundown the area under the roof was full of other campers so we had no choice but to pitch our tents in the grass covered by 3 inch deep muddy water.

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