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Thailand Photos: Klong Yai in Trat, and Khao Soi Dao waterfall and wildlife sanctuary (09 - 11 June 2006)
by Chanjira Sarakham

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Khao Soi Dao waterfall 5th level
Khao Soi Dao stream or waterfall collects its water from the upper slope of Khao Soi Dao north mountain and flows down generally to the east. Along the way it creates falls and pools that attract visitors mostly from nearby places.

A tree climbing plant
A tree climbing plant. The peaks of both Khao Soi Dao north and south are located in Khao Soi Dao wildlife sanctuary. The visitor center is 2 km from the road 317 (Chanthaburi - Sakaeo). The intersection to the sanctuary is at Soi Dao district town. To the first level of the fall it is another 2 km from the visitor center where basic rooms for overnight tourists and restaurants are available.

A flower
The trail along the stream is easy to walk up to the 9th level. After the 9th level first time visitors are advised to go with a staff of the wildlife sanctuary. It is not a difficult trail but expect to meet few to some leeches especially during the wet season.

Another flower
So far many of the people who visit the sanctuary come from Chanthaburi or nearby provinces. The place is not very popular yet. It is possible to do overnight trekking and camping in the forest provided the group follows the rules of the area not do damage the environment, and go together with the staff of the sanctuary. The trails people are allowed to walk are, however, limited.

The 6th level of waterfall
The 6th level of the waterfall. When there is enough water one with the safety gear could slide down the rock face riding the water current down to the pool below. Be warned, it is not without risk! You need good experience.

level 9 and 10 of the waterfall
Levels 9 and 10 of the waterfall. After this it is a hike in the forest to the next levels. First time tourists could hike to this place without using a sanctuary guide if they do not overnight in the forest.

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