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Thailand Photos: Trek and Karen village homestay: Pueng Klueng, Lay Tong Ku, Moung Kua, Umphang: 02 - 06 June 2006

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Bamboo trees
Bamboo are found abundantly in the Umphang forest region. Native people are able to make good use of bamboo. Small baby plants or bamboo shoots are eaten as food. Bamboo is used to build floor, wall and roof of the houses, and storage bins to keep farm produces. Large bamboo can be used as poles or columns of the structures. Thin strips cut out of bamboo are used to tie things together. Cups, spoons, baskets, hats, water containers, etc. are also made of bamboo. Bridges and ladders can be constructed of bamboo too.

A ladder into the space?
A ladder into the outer space? A bamboo ladder of a honey hunter. Bee hives high in the trees are climbed by this ladder to extract honey.

Arrive Mong Kua village
Moung Kua is distinguished by the rocky hill to to the south of the village. When we entered the village from the south-west the sight of cows, paddy fields, farm huts and a few working farmers greeted us a welcome relax.

The muddy road Mong Kua to Kui Loe Tor
It was already 3:30 p.m. when we left Moung Kua. The village road was muddy, wet and only hardy four wheel drive vehicles might be able to negotiate. We walked one hour just to cover two villages.

Farm tractor on the muddy road to Kui Lok Tor
At Por Ka Tha village, by luck, we got a farm tractor which sent us to Kui Loe Tor (Kui Lok Tor) village. Even using the farm tractor took another 2 hours to get to Kui Lok Tor which is 1 km from the highway 1288.

Mae Chan river at Ban Kui Lok Tor Karen village
Mae Chan river at Ban Kui Lok Tor Karen village. Mae Chan river sources are located along the border watershed line. One of them, called Tit Tu stream, flows down from Doi San Min mountains forming a very beautiful high waterfall in the deep jungle before entering Mae Chan river near the road 1288. Mae Chan river drains into Mae Klong river near Ban Mae Chan Tha village in the southern tip of Umphang district (Tak province).

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