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Thailand Photos: Trek and Karen village homestay: Pueng Klueng, Lay Tong Ku, Moung Kua, Umphang: 02 - 06 June 2006

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From a hill betwen Lay Tong Ku and Mong Kua
A view from a hill-top on the trail between Lay Tong Ku (Lay Thoung Ku) and Mong Kua (Moung Kua) villages. The trail passes the watershed mountain range which provides sources for the streams that flow into a tributary of Suriya river (to the west), and those that flow into Mae Chan river (to the east). This watershed hill range runs south-north and meets the border at Doi San Min mountain (about 1700 meters above the sea level) in the area of Ban Kui Loe Tor (Kui Lok Tor) village.

Termites on a dead tree
Termites on a dead tree on the forest floor. Termites eat wood and produce soil thus transforming dead plants into valuable parts of the forest eco-system.

A wild flower  Another wild flower
Wild flowers on the forest floor on the trail to Moung Kua. A good part of the trail rests on the hills but the trekking was not very difficult. It is about 4 hours for Karen people and I finished it in 6 hours. At that time the trail was muddy because of the wet season and buffalos and cows using the route recently.

The trail Lay Tong Ku to Mong Kua
The wet muddy trail cuts through the mixed forest of bamboo, hard and soft wood as well as vegatable and herbal plants.

A hole made by a space rock?
Villagers say this is the hole made by a space rock (asteriod) hitting the earth. It is located about half way on the trail, in the mountain.

Bamboo shoots
Bamboo shoot (broken)

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