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Thailand Photos: Trek and Karen village homestay: Pueng Klueng, Lay Tong Ku, Moung Kua, Umphang: 02 - 06 June 2006

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A mountain crab
A mountain crab crawling on the forest floor. Food people can find in these forest include crab, fish, bamboo shoots, jack fruit, bananas, herbs, bird, chicken.

At 11:45 a.m. we arrived at the farms of Lay Tong Ku village. These mostly paddy fields were cut out of forestland to grow enough rice for the villagers. Lay Tong Ku is a village of a collection of scattering small groups of houses. Thus when we arrived at one part of the village it was still another half an hour walk to the part where we could find the house of the village head.

The village sign
Another 15 minutes walk took us to the greeting sign of Lay Tong Ku village. We still could not see any sign of the existance of a number of houses.

A farm and a house
A farm, a hut and a tractor. Lay Tong Ku produce include rice, betal nut, fruits such as durin, pine apple, banana; and vegetable. They don't raise chicken and pigs but catch of wild pig and chicken can be eaten.

The elephant tusks
A pair of elephant tusks with curving are kept at Lay Tong Ku monastery as pieces of worship in their religion. The monastery also has a pair of elephants.

Lay Tong Ku waterfall is outside the village among the betal nut plantation. It is beside the road that goes into Myanmar (Burma). The villagers call it Thi Lo Su - the same name as the popular waterfall on Klotho river.

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