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Thailand Photos: Trek and Karen village homestay: Pueng Klueng, Lay Tong Ku, Moung Kua, Umphang: 02 - 06 June 2006

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As usual this survey trip of my own started and ended rush but unscratched. However I was struck by stomatch ache in the middle of the walk and thus it was like a bit of survival test walking in the rain going up and down the hills on the muddy slippery trail bed for 2 days. It was nevertheless informative in part because I met people who I could talk to in both villages.

Pueng Klueng to Lay Tong Ku trail
On the trail from Pueng Klueng village to Lay Tong Ku Karen villages. The start and end of the trails are in the farmlands, and the most part of the route being in the hills and passing the river streams. For the local people it is 3 hours walk, however I made it in 5 hours - not so bad!

A farm hut
A farm hut on the trail. A family of farming Karen people live here. A new village could emerge if the area is found to be good for long term farming and raising cattles and more people join in to settle down. The opposite could also happen to an existing village if the land become bad for farming and other social and survival aspects. Thus it is not rare to find villages which moved from place to place.

Another farm hut
Another farm hut seen on the route to Lay Tong Ku village. A typical farm hut like this is actually a home to a family. They have a living and sleeping place, an area for cooking, and a ladder or two to enter the raised house on the stilts. Most such houses lack proper toilet. Water maybe drawn or carried from a nearby stream.

A farm
A farm mid way between Pueng Klueng and Lay Tong Ku villages. Rice is grown, and vegetable are also produced - all for own consumption.

Things in a farm hut
Things in a farm hut of above paddy field. Due to relatively flat land the farmer was able to use a tractor. The family also catch fish in the streams and ponds. When we arrived there at about 10 a.m. there was no one in the hut. They were all out at work.

From a hill
We walked over three hills on this trail. Ones can also choose to walk along the stream to avoid hiking uphill at certain part of the trail. In the rainy season when the water is high and wild it may be necessary to build a bridge usually using bamboo to cross the river.

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