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Thailand Photos: Doi Phanoen Thung trek in Kaeng Krachan national park: 24 - 26 Mar 2006

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Looking for water along the dry stream
Before going up the final hill, roughly 2km from the peak, we walked along a dry stream bed strewn with stones and rocks up and down for about half an hour to finally find a small pool of water. We collected water in our containers and walked back to the trail. Leech socks or some protection must be done in the stream area.

View from Doi Phanoen Thung mountain
A view from Doi Phanoen Thung mountain. We finally arrived at the peak which was covered with grass, bush and some flowering petals. About 100 meters from the peak was a small area surrounded by trees, good for camping.

Cooking dinner
Cooking dinner for the night at the peak. Because of the dry season it was not difficult to find dead wood to build fire. We had soup, fish, vegetable and rice for dinner. We boiled the canal water for drinking. It was pleasantly cool and windy. We tried our mobile phones whch did not work while in the jungle. With some patience one of us was able to call home from the 1207 meters mountain peak.

Evening panorama of jungle around the Doi Phanoen Thung mountain
Evening panorama of jungle and hills that surround Doi Phanoen Thung mountain. The weather was really good, cool but not very cold. After the dinner we had hot drink and hours of talking. Due to water shortage we could not clean ourselves properly; instead it was just rubbing with moisten cloth.

Sunset on Thai-Myanmar border
Sun setting on Thai-Myanmar border. The sun was going down on the 1513 meters peak (inside Myanmar) on the border between Thailand's Petchaburi province and Myanmar's Thaninthayi division. It is 20+ km between the two peaks.

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