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Thailand Photos: Doi Phanoen Thung trek in Kaeng Krachan national park: 24 - 26 Mar 2006

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1207 meters high Doi Phanoen Thung peak offers a moderate level trek of 8 km from km 30 camp. During this dry season trip we spent some time searching for water in the middle of the walk before reaching the summit. Kaeng Krachan national park now requires application for permit by writing weeks ahead and payment for trekking out of the tourist trails.

Sea of fog at km 30 Phanoen Thung camp yard
8:30 a.m. at the km 30 Phanoen Thung camp. There were some visitors preparing to pitch their tents and arrange their gear and equipment at the camp ground. All of them came to enjoy the view of sea of fog, cool weather, and the feeling of the outdoor camping.

Sea of fog at km 30 Phanoen Thung camp ground
Another scene from the km 30 camp. In the past Kaeng Krachan national park was famous for white water rafting along the Petchaburi river from KU camp to the dam lake that could take one and a half day. Later, rafting was banned in the jungle part of the river. Bird watching along the road from the headquarters to km 36, nature trails for tourists, and camping at km 15 Ban Krang and km 30 remain open all year round. However in the wet season only four weel drive vehicles could arrive km 30 camp.

Begining of the trail from km 30 camp to Phanoen Thung mountain
Begining of the trail from km 30 camp to Doi Phanoen Thung mountain peak. Only few people walked this trail monthly and thick forest growth made it difficult to find the trail at some places. At first it was walking down through the thick jungle and then going up and down the hills. At some points we had to do traverse, something the city people like me have difficulty doing properly.

Begining of the trail from km 30 camp to Phanoen Thung mountain
An easy section of the trail, but we still needed to cut the jungle over-growth to make way for a walk. It was a bit warm and sweaty walking with 10 kg load each of us was carrying on our shoulders. It was bamboo forest in the dry season

The forest floor
The forest floor where dead and alive meet, mingle, survive or become food for others. The rain was not yet coming. It was a quiet waiting moment of the nature disturbed by our presence.

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