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Thailand Photos: Rafting, trekking, Karen village home stay in Umphang: 07 - 11 Feb 2006

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Ti Lo Su waterfall upper levels  Ti Lo Su waterfall upper levels
We climbed up to the upper levels of Ti Lo Su. The pools were greenish, clean, clear and the water was cold. We were surrounded by lush green forest, the cliff or the back wall of the big waterfall, and the constant noice of water striking the pools below.

Klotho stream
Mae Klotho, the downstream of Ti Lo Su waterfall, at the camp site. You can have a swim here, and clean yourself without using soap. The campsite provides public toilets and rest rooms, but no bungalows available (Feb 2006). During Thai new year holidays (usually middle of April), and X-mas season (end of Dec/early January) there could be hundreds of visitors camping.

Ti Lo Su camp yard
A scene of the camp site in the low season while there were not many visitors. We cooked our food, had dinner and sat down to talk. It was a quiet and cool night and there were just several other tourists. All tourists slept in tents while some local guides slept in the open air in their sleeping bags.

Ti Lo Su to Ban Kotha village trail
The walking trail from Ti Lo Su camp to Ban Kotha, a Karen village on the bank of Klotho stream. The trail runs along Klotho canal and is almost flat and easy to walk. The 7 km hike could be finished in about 2 hours. We saw a dirt road to the village which could be used by pick up trucks in the dry season.

Huay Klotho
Klotho stream on the way to Ban Kotha. At the headwaters few kilometers north-east of Ban Klotho (near the border line) the elevation is around 800 meters above the sea. At Ti Lo Su waterfall the stream drops from more than 700 meters to around 500 meters above the sea. Then after pasing Ban Kotha it drops again forming Kotha waterfall.

Wooden bridge to Ban Kotha
Wooden bridge over Klotho stream to Ban Kotha Karen village. Ban Kotha has a small primary school. Tourist home stay, and elephant ride could be arranged at this village. When we went there they were preparing for a big wedding; there were many visitors from nearby villages and Umphang. People were cooking, eating and drinking. As in other villages of the same area people do mountain farming of rice, corn, chilli, and vegetable. They weave cloths and clothes to use and to sell. Between the farming seasons some villagers find jobs in other places. They also provide helper, trail reader, porter, elephant, and home stay for the tourists. We saw a pick up truck from Umphang coming here to sell goods and fruits unavailable in the village.

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