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Thailand Photos: Rafting, trekking, Karen village home stay in Umphang: 07 - 11 Feb 2006

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Mae Klong river
Mae Klong river near Umphang town. MaeKlong river head waters are 1200+ meters high mountains in the northern and central Tak province along Thai-Myanmar border. The begining several kilometers section of the river is mostly waterfalls and white waters in the rugged hillscape. When it passes Umphang within a kilometer the elevation is lower than 500 meters. Rubber boat and bamboo rafting are popular activities on Mae Klong and Umphang stream especially during high waters: July to January.

Mae Klong river, the rocks, limestone cliff, and the forest
Umphang region is full of limestone mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves, and sinks. It is an amazing complex of nature. At some points rivers or canals actually go down into the earth. At other points streams and waterfall emerge from underground outlets. There are land depressions like the place hit by space rock. The plant life consists of both hardwood and soft wood trees, grasslands and bamboo, as well as lot of vegetation and flowering plants.

Ti Lor Jor waterfall
The rainbow across Ti Lor Jor waterfall. If you pass this place by raft around 9:30 ~ 10.30 a.m. you could see this beautiful pattern. Ti Lor Jor is about 2 km from Umphang.

Cave  Cave
1 km before arriving Pha Laud station where there is a wildlife protection office, you will pass a stream flowing into Mae Klong. From that point you can walk to the south a couple hundred meters to go into this cave.

Huay Klotho stream  Ti Lo Su waterfall in February
After Pha Laud station another 4 km rafting will take you to Tha Sai: sand and rock formation on the river bank. From Tha Sai it is roughly 3 hours walk to Ti Lo Su watrefall camp yard. In the dry season (Nov/Dec to May) pick up trucks can go; but in the wet, muddy and flood season you have to walk. Ti Lo Su waterfall is then another 1.5 km walk from the camp. This large waterfall is formed by Klotho stream when it flows over the cliff and drops. Ti Lo Su waterfall in dry season (February).

Klotho stream originates in the hills on the border (area surrounding Ban Klotho Karen village) to the west of Umphang town, and flows south and south-east. Along the course through hard wood and bamboo forest it forms two waterfalls: Ti Lo Su and Kotha. The later is about 1 km downstream from Ban Kotha Karen (Kayin) village. Finally it enters Mae Klong river at a point 3 km south-west of Ban Platha.

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