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Thailand Photos: 3 Days Khao Yai jungle trek and camping: 18 - 20 Dec 2005

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Mountain brook
The stream where we camped the second night. This was a morning view amids the birds' calls. It was a nice moment at the nice place. We were not very far from Klong E-Tow ranger station but there were still several kilometers to walk - the ranger said.

Walking again in the stream
The walk became easier with not much of going up and down like in the first and second days. We still had to walk the streams though. Whenever we push through the jungle to avoid walking in the stream we were often confronted by thorns and sharp blades of plants. We used knife to cut them to make way for us.

Crossing the stream
Crossing the stream; it was an easy one. If you come in the middle and end of the rainy season (July to October/November) some rivers in the forest would be fat and you would walk in the thigh or waist deep water. Certain sections of some streams would be inpassible.

Mixed forest
After crossing the Klong E-Tow stream we walked the small hill covered with mixed forest. We were about to enter the grassland. Still it was somewhat heavy forest and the sun was barely penetrating to hit the ground. We walked for half an hour before we reached the edge of the grass field.

Walking through the grass - Khao Yai
Here we were walking through the grass to the ranger station called Klong E-Tow. At the station we enjoyed the luxuary of using a toilet. After a chat with the stationed ranger we continued the last easy 4 km to the road in the center of the national park.

Khao Ron and Khao Kaeo - Khao Yai national park
Before we reached the road I shot this last photo. The faint giant mountains in the background were Khao Ron, the highest peak in the park, on the left, and Khao Kaeo on the right.

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