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Thailand Photos: 3 Days Khao Yai jungle trek and camping: 18 - 20 Dec 2005

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Plants and nuts in the forest  Plants and nuts in the forest  Mushrooms in the jungle
Wild fruits and nuts bearing plants and mushrooms in the forest. Most of them are inedible for human being. Animals can distinguish between edible and inedible. Millions of small plants grow crawling on the ground level, on the other trees, in the water, at elevation they survive, and even on rock walls. National parks of Thailand offer endless opportunity to see and learn.

Giant tree on a small canal  Single but beautiful - a flower in Khao Yai
Looks like a guard overseeing the security of the canal in the forest. In the middle of December this small stream flowed pass a giant tall tree. When I come back here years later sure I would see a different thing at exactly the same spot. Such is an attraction of the jungle - the nature of change. She is single, wild yet beautiful - a lone flower of Khao Yai.

A jungle stream
We were closing in to the head waters of Klong E-Tow river canal. But we were not sure of the names of the streams in the forest. This looks like a giant spider emerging from the river. It was in the afternoon and we could see the sun only occasionally. The jungle was thick, cool; the air was heavy with Oxygen, clean and very refreshing. Most of the time we walked in the water, on the stones. When we saw it too slippery we cut through the wood often with little difficulty. We all enjoyed the time.

A small waterfall
A small waterfall where we stopped for a bite of fruit and a drink, and of course to take photos. Such a trip needs you to carry enough films or memory to shoot whatever you see is beautiful.

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