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Thailand Photos: 3 Days Khao Yai jungle trek and camping: 18 - 20 Dec 2005

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Below the rocks is a stream and waterfall
This was a bit difficult area. We walked on the rocks along the mountain edge where foothold was quite narrow and many of the bamboo were dead. 20 meters below was a stream and a waterfall. We had to scramble from time to time and got hold of cracks and edges in the rocks and small plants to position ourselves. All of us were also carrying load of our gear and food.

In the middle of jungle and in the stream
Where am I? It was an amazing feeling while you were alone in the cool stream surrounded by thick jungle in nowhere. It was refreshing also after a strenuous walk. After all, that is why I want to come.

Forest stream  A balance in the forest
The trees, the sun, the clouds in the sky, your direction and place effect your photos, and could make two photos shot just one minute apart completely different in theme. A balancing act of the nature: a fallen tree was caught by other plants in the middle of the air.

Who cracked the tree?
Who cracked the tree? The gravity, elephant, human, or during the fall? Usually elephants do not step on the trees if it feels un-necessary. Elephants also do not walk on a bridge which looks not strong enough. Elephants would rather walk in the sream than putting their weight on small bridge.

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