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Thailand Photos: 3 Days Khao Yai jungle trek and camping: 18 - 20 Dec 2005

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Sunset from Khao Yai - Khao Sam Yot  Sunset from Khao Yai
Sunsets are never boring for me. Of course I am talking about the sunsets seen from the places between arctic circle and antarctic circle. We sat on a grass in our jackets just looking at the sun downing behind the mountains in Saraburi province and western end of Nakhon Ratchasima province. The temperature was falling but it was not yet chilling. Back at the camp we continued to talk around the fire while the moon was hovering above in the dark sky.

Sunrise from the camp - Khao Yai
I woke up late and missed the sunrise views. However I managed to catch this shoot through the thin wood directly from our camp. It was 7 a.m. and our place was still under the darkness, beyond was a line of trees and the valley. After the valley it was another mountain ridge with thicker forest. Today we were to walk generally to the east and south-east toward Klong E-Tow stream.

Our camp at Khao Sam Yot - Khao Yai national park
Morning view of our camp. All trekkers were still asleep in the tents. I went into the wood for morning business, had myself cleaned, and built the fire. When we had hot drink, eggs, bread and fruits the entire world was brightly lit already.

Sun rays hitting a small canal - Khao Yai  Dead tree and new plants
After the breakfast we begun the second day walk. There was no marks and we were depending on the memory of the park's ranger. The forest was thick and there were many small streams to pass. The rising sun sprayed its rays into the forest. New plants were growing on the dead trees. Trees may be more useful dead than alive.

Walking the stream in the middle of Khao Yai jungle
Walking in the waters of stream in the middle of jungle. People asked me what it was like and how difficult it was trekking in the Thailand forest. I can't find proper words to express my not-so-perfect experience. Hopefully these photos might do the job much better.

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