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Thailand Photos: 3 Days Khao Yai jungle trek and camping: 18 - 20 Dec 2005

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Begining of the trek  Mushrooms
Together with a national park's ranger we started somewhere on a north-western edge of Khao Yai national park, Sab Tai district, in the morning. The trail climbed up the slope of Khao Sam Yot hills. It was a sunny day but the atmosphere was a mix of cool and windy. Stone studded stream beds with remaining waters of the previous rainy season criss-crossed the trail.

Who is eating who - the plants world  North-western Khao Yai
The world of plants is wonderful and at some points similar to the human domain. Plants also eat plants to keep on growing. After an hour and a half of steadily walking up we were greeted by a view of north-western terrain of Khao Yai national park through a clearing.

View from Khao Sam Yot - Khao Yai national park  Evening view from Khao Sam Yot - Khao Yai
We hiked the steep trail cutting through the grass and arrived at a place nearby a small stream. After pitching the tents we took time to explore the area. Here are views from Khao Sam Yot hills in the north-western Khao Yai in the evening. We had rice, fruits, some vegetables and bread with hot drinks for our dinner. We boiled the stream water for drinking. The temperature was getting cooler, and it was windy. The camp was on a mountain ridge surrounded on three sides by slopes which go down to streams. The views were nice and we spent all evening talking and enjoying the scenery.

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