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Thailand Photos: Climbing Doi Chiang Dao and Karen village home stay: 09 - 13 Dec 2005

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Chiang Dao from the road   Farm produce storage - Ban Pha Rai
After coming back from Doi Luang Chiang Dao we went to Ban Pha Rai Karen village for a night stay. The village is located to the west of Chiang Dao town (to the west of highway 107). On the way we looked back and saw Chiang Dao mountain in the clouds. Right: A storage hut in which villagers keep rice and corn. The village has electricity and a road access. Villagers do farming of rice, corn, ground nut in the foot of the hills surrounding the village. They raise cows, buffalos, pigs and chicken. Vegetable are grown in the house compound.

Chiang Dao from the road   Farm produce storage - Ban Pha Rai
The hut for overnight visitors, in the compound of the village head. The hut on the right (in the left picture) is the kitchen and dinning room which also includes a bed. Bathroom and toilet are outside. These huts are not provided with electricity, and are made of bamboo, wood, and thatch. Right: Preparing food for the pigs and chicken.

Home stay tourists could go for trekking, climbing a nearby Doi Ngum hill which has caves near its summit, study the life and works of these tribal people, visiting and overnight stay at other villages of Karen, Lisu or Pa-long people.

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