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Thailand Photos: Ban Rai - Uthai Thani - Karen village home stay: 03 - 05 Dec 2005

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An old house in Ban Chao Wat was built almost nail-free. The house is a large one compared to others in the same village. Below is a sketch and views of the house I made during my home stay. The owner couple was not present so I did not go inside the house. Entire house was made of hand-cut wood and bamboo, and thatch. Only the central walkway was roofed by corrugated plates - aparently an recent work.

Sketch plan of the Karen house
The views A to G are shown below. The first two pictures show the front views of the house.

Front view left side   Front view right side
Front view of the old house: left and right sides.

Front entrance on the stilt   Roof and rafter beams connection
A: front entrance on the stilt. B: the roof and beams connection.

Underside of the house   Walkway and the right room - kitchen
C: underside of the house. D: looking the kitchen, the right room of the house.

left room: bed and living   Detail of bamboo ladder
E: looking the bed room and living room. F: bamboo ladder details.

Stilt and house structure
G: stilt (column or pole) and the house structure connection.

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Page 1 : Page 2 : Page 3 : Page 4 (Karen home)

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