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Thailand Photos: Ban Rai - Uthai Thani - Karen village home stay: 03 - 05 Dec 2005

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Ban Chao Wat Karen home   Ban Chao Wat Karen home kitchen
The small house where I home stayed a night in Ban Chao Wat Karen village, Ban Rai district. Very simple and very basic hut consists of one room and one open space where we slept in the blankets. The kitchen is at one corner on a lowered floor. All floors are made of bamboo. Solar panal provided by government program powers the radio and a light tube.

Foot-powered rice mill
The home-made mortar and pestle mill to produce rice for the family. All are made of wood and bamboo. Paddy after winnowing is stored in the storage (page-1) that should last for a year. From time to time the family would grind the paddy in this mill to separate husk to get brown rice for eating.

From the hills to the Ban Rai plain
When I came back from the Karen village, before getting to Ban Rai town, I took this photo in the morning. To the south (to the right) are the hills in Uthai Thani - Suphan Buri province border where there are some Karen villages. You are coming out of the hills in the Kan Ma Koh sub-district of Ban Rai district - that is the western part of Uthai Thani province.

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Page 1 : Page 2 : Page 3 : Page 4 (Karen home)

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