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Thailand Photos: Ban Rai - Uthai Thani - Karen village home stay: 03 - 05 Dec 2005

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Mountain farms: rice and corn   Rice after harvesting
In the western villages of Ban Rai, Uthai Thani province, Karen people grow rice, sticky rice, and corn in the mountain farms. They harvest rice once a year in November/December. Corn is harvested in June/July and again in November/December. Rice is just enough for their consumption. Corn makes some income for the villagers. A Karen villager from Ban Chao Wat village preparing cut rice before threshing.

Mountain rice just cut   Mountain corn
In these Karen villages almost all steps from rice harvesting till having rice grains ready for cooking dinner is done by hand and feet. Cutting the paddy plants, threshing to get rid of stalks and leaves, and winnowing to get rid of lighter unwanted parts, and pounding are all labour intensive. Their produce is just enough for own consumption. Every house has at least one rice storage hut made of bamboo and wood and covered by thatch or corrugated metal roof.

Corn are sold to get income. Some villages have sugar cane farms. Other plants for consumption include bananas, toddy, coconut, vegetable and fruits.

Karen chillies   Karen chillies
Red, green and brown chillies in the backyard of Ban Chao Wat Karen village. Karen chilli is known to be one of spiciest, strongest and hottest chillies in Thailand.

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