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Thailand Photos: Ban Rai - Uthai Thani - Karen village home stay: 03 - 05 Dec 2005

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To find a province with central plain Thai culture on the east; and the land of hills, rivers, waterfalls and tribal people culture on the west one should go to Uthai Thani. However things keep changing and some may say the time to go is now if you want to witness the mountain Karen people culture, how they live and raise their families. A city dweller who spend hours in front of a computer on daily basis takes a break to feel a couple of cool December nights there.

Wat Khao Wong monastery   Pu Wai cave
Beautifully built of wood and surrounded by a pond and flower garden, Wat Khao Wong monastery is one of the most popular spots in Ban Rai district - Uthai Thani province. Constructed against a limestone hill the four storey building stands like a palace in the forest. Walking up beyond the temple visitors can see the caves where monks once practised meditation. Temple style accommodation and a shop are at the front of the compound.
Right picture is Pu Wai cave 3 km to the south of Wat Khao Wong.

Road 3011 to the west
The road 3011 after passing Ban I Mat - I San village. Sarting at Ban Rai town the road runs to the west in the hills. The section from Ban Rai to Ban I Mat - I San village, about 17 km, was paved and after that it was a dirt road. About 30 km from Ban Rai, at Ban Kan Ma Koh village, the road forks into two. The southern one goes 4 km to Klong Mae Di (stream) which flows into Huay Kha Kaeng river. Four wheel drive vehicles could go to Huay Kha Kaeng river (24 km from Ban Kan Ma Koh village) with the permission of the office of wild life sanctuary.

A rice storage   A rice storage
A rice storage hut under reconstruction in Ban Chao Wat Karen village - about 6 km to the west of Ban I Mat - I San. Villagers use a kind of metal sheet wrapped around the columns to protect the rats from climbing up inside the storage.

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