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Thailand Photos: Kanchanaburi - Kasem Island Resort - Sri Nakarin national park: 18 - 20 Nov 2005

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A boat at the pier - Sri Nakarin dam lake
We came to the park's visitor center just before 11 a.m. After a shower and a quick meal we walked down along the Huay Mae Khamin stream to the dam lake. There were two wooden passenger boats at the small floating pier. Both were with their tourists on package tours. However we got seats for a fee on one boat to go to the pier at the dam on the eastern side (Si Sawat district).

The small floating pier at the mouth of Huay Mae Khamin - Sri Nakarin dam lake
The floating pier near the mouth of Huay Mae Khamin river. Behind was the mountain we had walked - the source of headwaters for the streams which fill the dam lake.

A scene of Sri Nakarin dam lake
A scene of Sri Nakarin dam lake. The artificial man-made lake is a popular tourist area where boat operators run package tours inclusive of food, drink, place to overnight, and so on. Most boats used for such package trips are of wooden structure like the one at the top. Small speed boats also ply the lake.

Using the waters of the dam lake people could reach by boat Sri Nakarin national park on the western and northern shores including the place where Mae Klong river from Umphang (Tak province) and Huay Kha Kaeng river from Uthai Thani enter the lake; and Si Sawat town and villages on the eastern banks.

Dam and its weir system at Ban Tha Kradan
A dam weir at Ban Tha Kradan on the south-eastern bank. The hydro power plant at the southern tip of the dam lake produces electricity.

Ban Tha Kradan boat pier at Sri Nakarin dam
Ban Tha Kradan boat pier at the dam.

A scene of Sri Nakarin dam lake
Looking back I shot this photo of the lake, the pier and the boat we had used. At the pier were motorcycle taxis, shops selling things, and tour buses waiting for their tourists. We had a taxi there sent us to Erawan market to catch bus back to Kanchanaburi.

A train passing the bridge on the river Kwai
We were now in Kanchanaburi town at the famous bridge over the river Kwai. The place was crowded with international tourists. There were some workers preparing for the annual river Kwai bridge festival.

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