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Thailand Photos: Kanchanaburi - Kasem Island Resort - Sri Nakarin national park: 18 - 20 Nov 2005

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The moon over our camp   Tents at the camp
The moon over our camp seen through bamboo. Our tents where we had really good sleep. It was pleasently cool. The gentle sound of water flowing in Huay Mae Khamin served as a music from the nature.

Huay Mae Khamin stream at the camp
Huay Mae Khamin canal near our camp. We had showers in it, took its water for cooking and drinking (boiled water).

Walking through bamboo   Violet flowers
On the return trek we walked through the bamboo. Sri Na Karin national park's forest is said to be the home of bats, civets, squirrels, slow loris, tapir, and probably leopard cat.

Edible mushroom   Inedible mushroom
Left: Edibale mushroom. Right: Inedible mushroom.

Pha Dang mountain
On the return way we used a different trail. At a point we had a view of Pha Dang mountain top. The trek was not difficult apart from few river crossings or walking over the stones above the river where you need to take extra care not to fall and slip.

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