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Thailand Photos: Kanchanaburi - Kasem Island Resort - Sri Nakarin national park: 18 - 20 Nov 2005

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White flowers in Sri Nakarin national park   Blue violet flowers in Sri Nakarin national park
The begining of the trail is an easy walk along the Huay Mae Khamin stream lined with bamboo and semi evergreen forest plants. Flowering plants grow in lower canopy and on the ground.

Huay Mae Khamin stream Sri Nakarin national park   Huay Mae Khamin stream in Sri Nakarin national park
Very beautiful section of Huay Mae Khamin stream. There are many and are not very far from the visitor center. When one enters the deeper forest one has to hike on the stones, plants, and go up and down the landscape. The trail has no clear marking and thus visitors who want to trek to Phong San ranger station (to which we walked), Phasawan waterfall or Phatad waterfall have to walk with a park's ranger.

A tricky section on the trail along Huay Mae Khamin stream Sri Nakarin national park   Violet flowers in Sri Nakarin national park
Later we had to walk on a narrow ledge. On our left was the stone studded stream 3 to 5 meters below, on our right was the mountain wall. Carrying all our gear and food on the backs it was a bit tricky. After walking about 4 km on and off from the stream we climbed a hillside where we saw mushrooms both edible and inedible, bamboo, and more little flowers.

The forest of Sri Nakarin national park   At the camp beside the stream
The forest of Sri Karin national park. We did not spot any wild animals in the jungle, apart from hearing occasional sounds of birds and insects. Since we started late when we arrived at this place beside the stream the sun was no where to be seen. We were not far from the ranger station. We camped at this place, built fire, cooked rice and pitched our tents.

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