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Thailand Photos: Kanchanaburi - Kasem Island Resort - Sri Nakarin national park: 18 - 20 Nov 2005

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Kanchanaburi sounds like quite touristic place. However these photos show something different - a nice place to stay, jungle cladded hills to walk, a mountain brook to camp beside and a lake with views. Actually we did not have any travel plan for 18 to 20 Dec weekends. We were working deep in the piles of books, maps and lot of papers until 6 p.m. on Friday evening. Suddenly one friend of ours called in and next hour we were in a taxi heading toward Bangkok's southern bus terminal.

Kasem Island resort  Rabit in the garden
Kasem Island Resort on an island in Mae Klong river next to Kanchanaburi town. A small, nice and beautiful acccommodation offers both air-conditioned and fan rooms, a meeting room, a pool and a restaurant.

A place to read, talk and enjoy the scenes  Bungalows in the garden
The garden is one of its main attractions. There are roofed table and benches at every romantic corner along the waterline. For more information please go to their web site.

A bus at Erawan market  Camp site at Sri Nakarin national park
A passenger bus (non-aircon) parking at Erawan market. You can find one of these buses at Kanchanaburi bus terminal. Every district in the province is linked to Kanchanaburi town by buses and/or mini vans. The town to Erawan market takes roughly one hour by a non-aircon bus. Right: the camp site at the visitor center in Sri Nakarin national park overlooking the Sri Nakarin dam lake. From Erawan market it is 42 km or 2 hours drive to this place.

Huai Maekhamin waterfall  The trail to the 8th level of the waterfall
Huai (Huay) Maekhamin waterfall is one of the most beautifuls in the province. Left photo is the fourth level nearby the visitor center. The stream starts in the mountains in the north-west and drains into Sri Nakarin dam lake which is the source for Kwai Yai river. Most visitors to the park park the cars and overnight in tents at the camp site overlooking the scenic dam lake. Bungalows are also available. Right: The begining of the trail to the upper levels of the Huai Maekhamin stream.

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