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Thailand Photos: Ban Khum Din village - Mancha Khiri District - Khon Kaen province: 04 - 06 Nov 2005

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Old wooden house  Old wooden house
The large old house from the previous page. The veranda (front porch) of the house does not have real wall to the outside. There are just thin wood panals fitted vertically with spaces between them so as to allow people to see outside, and at the same time bar the intruder from entering the house.

Old wooden house  Huai Yang Dam
This one has no legs. This old house built just over a generation ago is one of the first new houses in the village. With the electricity available to every house-hold people have fan, radio, television, and even air-conditioner and computer. Many newer houses are made of brick and mortar since wood is becoming more expensive.

Right: Huai Yang Dam. The dam located to the north-west of Khum Din village was built in 1950-51. Before villagers built small traditional earthern dams to manage the river waters. This dam creates a lake from Huai Yang river (on some maps the river is named Huai Yai) which comes down from Phu Pha Dam hill on Khon Kaen - Chaiyaphum border. The dam distributes water to about seven villages nearby.

Sunset over the Huai Yang lake  Visitors at Wat Pa
Sunset over Huai Yang dam lake. Well, you can't compare this with a sunset at Andaman sea. If you know this place, these people, their products and their life you will surely enjoy this quiet sunset. Right: visitors at Wat Pa temple. Usually visitors passing by the village will only make short stop. However sometimes, especially on the festival days, some tourists would overnight stay at the temple.

A new house in the village
An example of a today well-to-do family house in the village. They now have electricity, tv, piped water pumped from underground, motorcycle, and perhaps computer and a car too.

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