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Thailand Photos: Ban Khum Din village - Mancha Khiri District - Khon Kaen province: 04 - 06 Nov 2005

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Water canal  Primary school
A canal transports water to the rice fields. Rivers that orginate in Phu Pa Dang and Phu Meng hills are dammed to create a lake from where irrigation system of canals supply water to the firms in several villages. The right photo is Khum Din school. More than 100 students are studying in kindergarden and primary classes. Some of these students will later go to the high school in Mancha Khiri district. The nearest University is in Khon Kaen.

Students on Friday  Old wooden house
School students on Friday. On Friday (culture day) students as well as teachers wear yelow colour shirts. On the right is an old house of the village. This house is now unused.

Old wooden house  Rice storage
The same old house. These old style houses have long legs to create a space under the house. This space can be used for taking shelter from the intense heat in the hot season. Some have a small room with walls in this space. On the right is an old rice storage house.

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