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Thailand Photos: Ban Khum Din village - Mancha Khiri District - Khon Kaen province: 04 - 06 Nov 2005

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Ban Khum Din is a small village located midway between Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum cities, on highway 229. This is a typical north-eastern country that is still largely out of the Thailand tourism drive. There is no hotel, though people can request for accommdation at the temple (monastery). This more than 100 year old community consists mainly of farmers. Villagers grow rice, raise cows and cattles, produce wood for building materials. Usually they send their products to nearby district town markets.

Road 229 near Ban Khum Din  Village road
Left: Road number 229 near Ban Khum Din, looking to the west toward Chaiyaphum. Right: The road from Wat Pa Noondindaeng (temple or monastery) to Ban Khum Din village. Both sides are cassava plantation.

Wat Pa  U-Kaliptus trees in Wat Pa
A villager is picking a kind of fruit inside Wat Pa temple compound. The right picture shows the U-Kaliptus trees in this temple yard. The temple compound has many fruit and nut trees, bamboo, U-Kaliptus, and many other plants. Some farmers grow U-Kaliptus in their plots of land around the village, to sell the wood to the producers of building materials, paper, furniture, etc.

A farmer and his cows  Paddy fields
A farmer is taking care of his cows in his grass field. In the background are U-Kaliptus trees in the lands owned by other farmers. On the left side is cassava field that belongs to another villager. The picture on the right is paddy fields. The grass-like plants near the photogragher are used for making mats, ceiling or roof panal, baskets.

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