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Thailand Photos: Hike to Khao Ron, highest peak in Khao Yai national park: 15 - 16 October 2005

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Bee hive under the tree  Huay Sai Yai stream
Since I was off a couple of kilometers from the usual trail it was a long walk to cover up the loss. I now stopped to consult GPS receiver every fifteen minutes. I must find Huay Sai Yai river from which I knew the way to the Khao Laem sub station. Left: Bees under a fallen but hanging tree trunk. At about noon Huay Sai Yai was found and I tried to walk along the stream. I still had to pass several smaller streams and sometimes lost sight of Sai Yai. Finally at about 1 p.m. I arrived at the intersection of Huay Sai Yai and another smaller canal which came from the area of Khao Laem ranger station (Right photo). I took a rest to enjoy a shower. Then it was one kilometer walk to the ranger station.

Arrive Khao Laem grassland  Khao Laem ranger station
Left: arriving Khao Laem grassland. Right: Khao Laem ranger station.

Khao Ron
On the 4 km walk from Khao Laem station to Huay Suwat waterfall I took the photo of Khao Ron in the distance. Well, I had came down that far in one morning.

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