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Thailand Photos: Hike to Khao Ron, highest peak in Khao Yai national park: 15 - 16 October 2005

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Water in mushroom  Black ants' home
Next day morning the GPS receiver seemed to work again. I was located quite far from the normal trail to Khao Laem grassland. I was wandering off too westward. Anyway now there was day light and I had got the whole day to find Khao Laem. Left: drinking water for insects in the cup of mushroom. Right: the home of (black) ants.

Tree leaves with animal bites  A small stream in the jungle
Today I found several water streams in the forest, most of them are small like this (Right). It was still a hard walk through dense trees some of which with thorns. I did not have long sleeve shirt and most of the time I was simply using my hands to puch away the trees whether it had thorns or not. So I had got many scratches on both hands.

Thorn trees  Dark violet flowers at a stream
Left: these are few examples of thorn trees in Khao Yai national park. On most established trails it is not a problem because people walk frequently and the paths are quite clear. But on the trail like this you need a knife and long sleeve jacket. Right: dark violet color flower on the stones at a stream.

Spider web
Spiders are everywhere in the forest. Sometimes they build their web across the animal trails so you need to look out not to destroy their homes.

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