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Thailand Photos: A trip to Salawin (Thanlwin) river in Mae Sarieng - Mae Hong Son: August 2005

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Down the Salaween river from Mae Samleab  Arrive Ban Sop Moei
Left: Going down the Salawin river before arriving the meeting point with Moei river. The high mountains in the distance are in Myanmar's Karen (Kayin) state. Moei river which is also the border between Myanmar and Thailand's Tak province enters Salawin river at Ban Sop Moei village. Right: Arrival Ban Sop Moei village. The village is on the coner of the land between the two rivers. Moei river which flows south to north dividing Tak province (Thailand) and Kayin state (Myanmar) sends its waters into the Salawin after creating circles of current at the junction because of the turning of rivers. See the map page.

Mae Samleab (Taw Lay Hta) to Ban Sop Moei by boat downstream takes about 45 minutes.

Moei river flows into Salawin  Baan Sop Moei
Left: The river junction - Salawin flows into Myanmar between the island-like land on the right and the mountains behind. Right: Ban Sop Moei - a small village in Sop Moei district of Mae Hong Son province. Villagers are mainly Karen, Shan and Thai.

Ban Sop Moei on Moei and Salawin rivers  Accommodation in Ban Sop Moei
Children walk pass the paddy field in Ban Sop Moei, behind are Moei and Salawin rivers and the hills on Myanmar side. Right: Simple accommodation in the village. The guesthouse is on the Salawin river bank. Myanmar name of Moei is "Thaung Yin" or "Thaungyin" river.

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