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Thailand Photos: A trip to Salawin (Thanlwin) river in Mae Sarieng - Mae Hong Son: August 2005

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Crossing Mae Samleab creek  A small wooden boat under the house
Huay Mae Samleab (the village creek) pouring water into Salaween river divides the village into two parts. Here people were pulling the rope to cross the creek on a bamboo raft. Right: a wooden boat stored under a house.

National park bungalow in Mae Samleab  A boat on Salaween river
A bungalow operated by Salawin national park Mae Samleab station. They have no telephone so you can just walk in. However in the tourist season you should call the national park headquarters in Mae Sariang. Facilities are basic. Right: a boat going upstream on the Salaween river.

Tha Ta Fang station - Salawin national park  Bungalows at Tha Ta Fang station
Tha Ta Fang station of Salawin national park and its bungalow accommodation. Tha Ta Fang is about 45 minutes upstream from Mae Samleap. There is a walking trail along the river which could take one several hours of walking. On both sides of the river hardwood including teak (Mai Sak), soft wood trees, and bamboo grow on the hills. In the winter or summer when the sand formations emerge like beaches people come and relax.

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