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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai Nature walk and camp, Klong Deu - Khao Laem - Haew Suwat waterfall: 19 - 21 August 2005

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A decaying dead tree  Tents at the camp
A decaying wood in the forest. Dead trees undergo slow process of decay in which various environmental effects (weather, wind, water, etc.) and animals transform the wood into food and other valuable materials. Right: camping in the forest near the Huay Ton or Klong Ton canal. We catched small fish and frogs for breakfast. Between 3 to 5 a.m. it rained quite heavily.

Thick evergreen forest  Wild muchrooms
A dense evergreen forest of Khao Yai in the rainy season. The area is on the northern slope of Khao Laem hill at the high end of a valley in which Huay Ton and other small streams originate. Right: Wild mushrooms (inedible).

Ants' home  Enter the grassland
Day two. A home built by black ants on the forest floor. Right: Entering the Khao Laem grassland. One hour after leaving the camp we emerged onto the grassland and saw Khao Ron, the highest peak in Khao Yai park, in the distance.

A flower at the feet of grasses  Walk in the grassland - Khao Ron in the back
A humble white flower at the feet of grasses. Right: walking in the grassland. You can see Khao Ron mountain in the background.

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