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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai Nature walk and camp, Klong Deu - Khao Laem - Haew Suwat waterfall: 19 - 21 August 2005

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The trail starts in Klong Deu area on the northern edge of Khao Yai national park. The trail could normally be finished in two days but we took three days to spend two nights in the forest. First night camp was on a hill ridge with a stream on one side, the second night was spent at the Khao Laem sub station. The walk was moderate level and there were several streams to pass and walk through so we got wet.

Klong Deu trail head  Snake skin
The trail head in the northern border of Khao Yai national park. From Pak Chong take highway 2090 to the northern entrance gate. Before the gate there is a left-turn road which will take you 40 km to the starting point of the trail. The right photo shows the skin left by a snake.

The begining of the trail is going up along the mountain ridge covered by ever green forest, passing and walking along canals.

A crab in the forest  Bear paw marks on a tree
A crab crawling along a stream. Right: Bear paw marks on a tree. We walked through water many times and got our feet wet. We walked on stones, wet surface, and through the thicket of plants. There were no marks on the trail and thus a guide is a must.

Forest stream  Mountain stream
The streams to walk. The waters come down along many streams from Khao Laem highland. In the dry months (February to May) there may be little or nearly no water in these streams and campers will have difficulties finding water for cooking, drinking and cleaning.

We did not see any leech on the wet trail, and there was no rain whole day. Once we spotted horn bills very briefly flying over the trees.

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