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Thailand Photos: North-East: Loei, Pi Tha Khon, Chiang Saen, Nong Khai, Vientiane: 08 - 10 July 2005

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Wat Po Chai temple in Nong Khai  Wat Po Chai main hall with mural on the walls
The famous temple Wat Po Chai is the home of golden Buddha image that is highly revered by Nong Khai people. The mural paintings in the walls of the main hall are artistic representations of historic events.

Wat Phra Thatluang - Vientiane - Laos  Wat Phra Thatluang entrance gate
On 10 July I crossed the Thai-Lao friendship border bridge at Nong Khai to visit Vientiane. Wat Phra That Luang in Vientiane - Laos. The original stupa was said to be built in circa 236 AD to house the relics brought from India. Current temple is the renovation made in 1566 AD.

Wat Phra Thatluang - Vientiane  Wat Phra Thatluang entrance gate
Left: Wat Phra That Luang. Right: Patouxay monument on Lane Xang avenue road - Vientiane.

Our train about to leave Nong Khai station
In the evening I came back to Nong Khai where my friend was waiting. At sun down we left Nong Khai for Bangkok in a sleeper train.

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