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Thailand Photos: North-East: Loei, Pi Tha Khon, Chiang Saen, Nong Khai, Vientiane: 08 - 10 July 2005

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Heung and Mekong river meet at Thai-Lao border  Old houses in Chiang Khan
Left: the meeting of Heung and Mekong river. You are on Thai soil, Ban Hta Di Mi village in Chiang Khan district, Loei. The opposite side is Sayabouri (also spelled Xayaboury or Xayabouri) province of Laos. The river on the left is Heung which flows into Mekong seen on the right. On the right of Mekong (not in the photo) is Vientiane province.
Right: The old houses lined the main street of Chiang Khan town on the Mekong river bank.

Chiang Khan's old traditional houses  The walkway on Mekong rivr bank in Chiang Khan
Left: An old traditional house in Chiang Khan. Most of these houses have two levels: the ground floor being living area or shop selling grocery, snacks and drinks and maybe home accessories too. Upper level is the family area consisting of bed rooms. Most part of the house is made of wood.
Right: An evening atmosphere on a walkway along the Mekong river bank, behind the row of houses in Chiang Khan.

Highway 211: Chiang Khan to Nong Khai along Mekong river  Buddha park in Nong Khai
Left: A scene from highway 211 between Chiang Khan and Si Chiang Mai / Nong Khai. The route 211 runs parallel alongside the Mekong river and offers many beautiful view points. In some parts the road is sandwiched between the river and the mountains.
Right: The Buddha park (Sala Kaew Koo or Wat Kaek) in Nong Khai. The compound houses many large and small sculptures.

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