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Thailand Photos: North-East: Loei, Pi Tha Khon, Chiang Saen, Nong Khai, Vientiane: 08 - 10 July 2005

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Pi Tha Khon parade in Dan Sai  A ghost at the window
E-sarn (north-eastern Thai) ladies led the procession of Pee Tha Khon's along Dan Sai's main street. People from many provinces as well as some foreign visitors ignored the heat to witness the festival. Entrances to Dan Sai were blocked by many cars, trucks and buses. As well guesthouses nearby were full last night. On the right was a photo of a masked man peeping out of a window.

Pi Tha Khon masks displayed at the museum  Making Pee Tha Khons
A display of Pi Tha Khon masks and accessories in the main room of a museum in Wat Phon Chai temple - the major venue of the festival that took place on 08 and 09 July. The right photo shows the demonstration of how to make the masks and items associated with Pee Tha Khon - also in the museum. The maker told me that doing the mask was not very difficult but painting was the part which took long time to make the mask attractive.

The compound of Wat Phon Chai temple
The compound of Wat Phon Chai temple on 09 July, the second day of the festival. People were waiting for the Pi Ta Khon's. There would be activities, competitions, staged shows, awards announcements, and so on to be held in the temple yard.

All Phi Ta Khon would come to Wat Phon Chai and walk around the temple for 3 times. In the afternoon they would compete in the dancing contest for awards.

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