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Thailand Photos: Trek & Karen hilltribe village home stay, elephant ride, bamboo rafting - Chiang Mai : 21 - 23 May 2005

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An elderly Karen lady We met with this elderly Karen lady in their traditional dress while we were waiting for elephants. She wore no footware. She was on her way to the work.

Elephant riding  Feeding elephants with fruits
Elephant riding through the forest. There were three elephants: two adults and a child. They are expert all terrain walkers. They can walk in the mud, in the water, on the steep slope, climbing down and up with ease. If you trek in the rain forest jungle of Asia you would likely use the forest trails originally made by elephants. At the end of the ride we gave them fruits we bought in Chiang Mai.

Baby elephant feeding milk from mother elephant  Mother and child elephants
Baby elephant taking milk from mother elephant. These Karen people keep and use elephants for their living. So they understand that elephants are part of their life.

After the elephant ride we were transported to take a bamboo rafting on an river.

Route map of our trek
Route map of our trekking

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