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Thailand Photos: Trek & Karen hilltribe village home stay, elephant ride, bamboo rafting - Chiang Mai : 21 - 23 May 2005

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Ban Ku Ton - Karen village  Reading room in Ban Ku Ton
Left: Ban Ku Ton (a Karen village) where we stayed overnight. The village was 3 hours walk along the villagers' trail from the car road. Elderly people in the village spoke Karen, and little to some level of Thai. These elderly people did not have proper record of their birth, etc. Children and young people spoke both Karen and Thai. We donated books, writing materials, maps for the children.
Though the village had a small hut for reading and teaching (Photo on the right) there was no teacher at the time of our visit. On weekdays children had to stay in Mae Kap Poo to attend the primary school there. See the photo of the school on page 1.

Beddings and mosquito nets in a hut for tourists. A separate bamboo and wooden hut was prepared for tourists to sleep. The hut had roof, covers, and raised decks on which beds were set up. There were no doors. Tourists had to use toilets in the village. Bedding in the hut for tourists

Village house, villagers, a pig  Karen village in a morning
Houses in the village were maninly made of wood and bamboo. They were built on stilts thus making room on the ground to store fire wood and keep pigs and chickens. We saw both thatched houses and corrugated metal roofs. A couple of houses were provided with solar panals to produce electricity for lighting.

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