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Thailand Photos: Nature walking in Khao Yai national park : 26 March 2005
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After visiting Haew Suwat waterfall we walked up the ladders and crossed the car road to the rest area for a drink. Then we went on walking the trail to Pha Kluai Mai camp along a stream.

A crocodile resting on a log  Chameleon eggs
A crocodile resting on a log (left), Chameleon eggs (right). In the middle of the trail we saw a baby crocodile sleeping on a huge log lying on the stream. It was an unexpected encounter. In the past we did not hear any news of seeing crocodile in Khao Yai.

After sighting the crocodile we also saw a group of otters drinking water from the stream. But we did not have time to take photos as they quickly moved into the forest because of our sounds. This second trail took us a little more than an hour to Pha Kluai Mai camp where we had our dinner.

Deers At 7 pm we went for a night spot light tour in a park's pick up truck. They took us along the road looking for wildlife using a spotlight. We saw many deers on the grass lands. We saw a fox or a wild dog not far from a group of samber deers. After a 40 minutes spot lighting we left the park for Pak Chong bus station to go back to Bangkok.

Trail map
Trail map

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