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Thailand Photos: Nature hiking in Khao Yai national park : 26 March 2005
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Around in the middle of the trail to Haew Suwat fall we received a light shower. I heard the sound of rain coming on the other side of the hills. But the thick canopy of trees and their branches protected us from getting wet.

Ton Yang On's seeds - hornbill likes to eat  Ants' home in the ground
Ton Yang On's seeds - Hornbill's food (left), Ants' home in the ground

Foot prints - paw marks of a black bear  Ton Pud's flower  Wan Mahamek flower
Paw marks of a black bear (left), Ton Pud's flower (center), Wan Mahamek (right)

Haew Suwat waterfall in March  Landscape around Haew Suwat waterfall
Haew Suwat waterfall in March (left), Landscape around the waterfall (right). From the visitor center the walking distance to haew Suwat waterfall is about 8 km. The trail was not dificult, however first timers should hike with a park guide. It took 3.5 to 4 hours to complete the trail.

Haew Suwat waterfall had not much water since the rainy season had not started very well yet.

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