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Thailand Photos: Nature hiking in Khao Yai national park : 26 March 2005
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This time we went to Khao Yai for a day nature walk from the headquarters to Haew Suwat waterfall and then to Pha Kluai Mai camp. We walked with a park guide to learn the plants and wildlife. It was a green day with a bit wet ground. However I saw only very few leeches.
The begining of the trek The begining of the hike. We started right behind the visitor center. This was my second time and I was quite familar with the sounds and sights of Khao Yai. It was in the begining of the rainy season; though the rain arrived quite late in relatively low volume the forest was quite fresh and green. The trek was not difficult.

Kreua Ngu Hao tree. We saw several of these plants along the trail. There were so many plant species in the forests of Khao Yai - a good ground for study and research.

However very large group trekking in the forest, making a lot of noice, carelessly throwing garbage, use of plastics and foams in the forest, taking away plants and wildlife are not allowed.
Kreua Ngu Hao tree

Vegetarian millipede  Mushroom  Mushroom
Vagetarian millipede (left), Mushrooms (center and right)

The Bayan tree  A  Ton Krapao ton tree destroyed by lightening
Bayan tree (left), A Ton Krapao ton tree destroyed by lightening (right). Before the lightening it used to be a tall one - taller than other plants in the area, thus attracting the lightening.

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