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Thailand Photos: Ramkhamhaeng National Park & Sukhothai Historical Park : 04 - 06 March 2005
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Trail map of Khao Luang mountain - Ramkhamhaeng national park The trail map showing the walking routes in Ramkhamhaeng national park excluding the paths to other places like waterfalls, caves, etc. The main trail from the headquarters to the camp at the summit was 4 km long - moderately difficult but suitable for all fit persons. The trail network on the summit to get to the four peaks was easy. People could walk all these trails without a company of the park guide.

Bamboo forest on the trail   Trail to Khao Jedi peak
Pictures taken by a student intern in April 2002. On the left was bamboo forest seen around 500 meters from the starting point (trail head). Right photo was the trail from the camp to Khao Jedi peak.

Sukhothai historical park at sundown
An April 2002 photo of Sukhothai historical park at sun down.

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