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Thailand Photos: Ramkhamhaeng National Park & Sukhothai Historical Park : 04 - 06 March 2005
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Phra Narai peak - Khao Luang mountain Flying into the space! It was what Phra Narai peak looked like when we took this photo from Khao Phra Mae Ya peak. After Khao Jedi peak we walked to Khao Phu Ka peak which was a bit far away. We took a rest for reading and drawing picture. Then we hiked to Khao Phra Mae Ya peak. All four peaks at Khao Luang mountain summit were connected to each other by easy to walk trails.

The trail in the wood to Phra Narai peak. Telecon tower and few office buildings were seen near the peak, as well as a helicoptor landing pad. A trail passing a wood to Phra Narai peak

Sunset over Khao Phra Mae Ya peak Did I take the wrong sunset? Sunset over Khao Phra Mae Ya seen from Phra Narai peak. Actually the best sunsets (real sunset on the horizon) were possible from either Khao Phra Mae Ya or Khao Phu Ka peak. However we had been to Khao Phra Narai on the east when the sunset arrived. We did have time to walk back, but we did not because it was so cold, windy and we were very hungry already.

Our tents at the corner of the camp ground. There were public toilets and bath rooms, water supply taps provided at the camp. Because of strong wind blowing all the time it was quite dificult to keep the fire for cooking.

Small office at the camp had cooking pots for rent, and some basic dry foods for sale.
Our tents in the camp site - Khao Luang peak in Ramkhamhaeng national park

Sukhothai historical park  Sukhothai historical park
Next day we went down the mountain and left Ramkhamhaeng national park in a pick up truck we rented, for Sukhothai old city (historical park). Because we must go back to Bangkok that night we spent only half an hour riding bicycles through the park.

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